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Kevlar® Braided Sleeving

Kevlar® Braided SleevingKevlar® Braided Sleeving

Kevlar® fiber is a material with excellent thermal stability and outstanding tensile strength , the Kevlar® fiber is 20 times stronger than the steel wire in same diameter. Kevlar® braided sleeving is using this fiber yarn. Furthermore it offers good chemical resistance, heat-resistance and has no melting point.


It offers outstanding abrasion resistance for cables and hoses in aerospace and other high-tech applications.

Technical data:

Material: Kevlar® fiber

Working temperature: -170℃~+250℃

Melting point: non melt

Color: Yellow

Cutting tool: Scissors

Part No.Nominal SizeExpandable rangePacking
 ( W ) ( I to O )( L )
KL-0066 mm5mm---8mm500 m/spool
KL-0088 mm6mm---10mm350 m/spool
KL-01010 mm7mm---13mm350 m/spool
KL-01212 mm8mm---16mm300 m/spool
KL-01515 mm10mm---20mm250 m/spool
KL-02020 mm14mm---26mm200 m/spool
KL-02525 mm18mm---33mm200 m/spool
KL-03030 mm20mm---39mm150 m/spool
KL-04040 mm30mm---52mm100 m/spool
KL-05050 mm40mm---65mm50 m/spool


1. Nominal size indicates the flat width. I.D indicates the round inner diameter.

2. Special package, sizes and colours can be supplied upon request.

3. All numerical data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

4. Kevlar is a trademark of Dupont.

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