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Basalt Fiber Braided Sleeving

Basalt Fiber Braided SleevingBasalt Fiber Braided Sleeving

JDD basalt fiber braided sleeving has outstanding properties of electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, excellent tenacity, good chemical and corrosion resistance, it is one of best protecting solution in the extremely working environment.


It is widely used in metallurgy, military, chemical and aviation industry for protecting rubber hoses and cable harness.

Technical data:

Material: Basalt fiber

Working temperature: -269℃~+650℃

Melting point: 1400℃


Color: Brown

Other feature: durability to the attack of water, salts, alkalis and acids.

Part No.Nominal size (W)Expanded range (I  to O)Packing
BS-0033.0mm1.0mm---4.0mm500 m/roll
BS-0066.0mm5.0mm---8.0mm300 m/roll
BS-0088.0mm6.0mm---10.0mm250 m/roll
BS-01010.0mm7.0mm---13.0mm250 m/roll
BS-01212.0mm8.0mm---16.0mm200 m/roll
BS-01515.0mm10.0mm---20.0mm200 m/roll
BS-02020.0mm14.0mm---26.0mm150 m/roll
BS-02525.0mm18.0mm---33.0mm150 m/roll
BS-03030.0mm20.0mm---39.0mm100 m/roll
BS-04040.0mm30.0mm---52.0mm100 m/roll
BS-05050.0mm40.0mm---65.0mm100 m/roll


1. Nominal size indicates flat width. I.D. indicates round inner diameter.

2. Special packages and sizes can be supplied upon request.

3. All numerical data are average or typical values, not including customized sizes.

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