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Motor Motor

JDD TECH supply fiberglass sleeving to Daikin for motor insulation.

Communication Communication

JDD TECH supply braided sleeving to Commscope for the cable protection of outdoor signal tower, Signal tower cable protection slit cable wrap.

Rail Transit Rail Transit

JDD TECH supply CRRC the electromagnetic shielding solution for cabinet, polyester self-closing wrap for the signal cable. EMI shielding wrap in Raiway cabinet wire harness-CRRC.

Engineering Machinary Engineering Machinary

JDD TECH supply textile sleeve, spiral guard protector to CAT for hydraulic rubber hose protection.

New Energy Vehicles New Energy Vehicles

JDD TECH supply braided sleeving to Tesla for rubber hose anti abrasion. EV rubber hose protective sleeve Tesla Model.

Fuel Vehicles Fuel Vehicles

JDD TECH supply corrugated conduit to Furukawa  for Honda Crider.

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