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Heat Treated Fiberglass Sleeving

Heat Treated Fiberglass SleevingHeat Treated Fiberglass Sleeving

MDWG heat-treated fiberglass sleeving is a good solution for where has high requirement for high working temperature, but low voltage levels. Its flexibility and expandability make it easy to over irregular shapes. It also provides abrasion and flame resistance.


It is widely used in heating components, carbon brushes, toasters, coffee-makers etc.

Technical data:

Operating range: 600℃

Breakdown voltage: 700V

Flammability: Self-extinguish

Color: White

Cutting tool: Scissors

Approval: RoHS

Part No.I.D.(I)Wall thickness(t)Packing (L)
30.2100 m/roll
MDWG-00440.3100 m/roll
MDWG-00550.3100 m/roll
MDWG-00660.3100 m/roll
MDWG-00770.35100 m/roll
MDWG-00880.3550 m/roll
100.3550 m/roll
MDWG-012120.3550 m/roll
MDWG-015150.4350 m/roll
MDWG-018180.4350 m/roll
MDWG-020200.4350 m/roll

Unit: mm

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