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Aluminum Heat Reflect Fiberglass Sleeving

Aluminum Heat Reflect Fiberglass SleevingAluminum Heat Reflect Fiberglass Sleeving

JDD-CAFR is special designed by laminating an aluminized metallic heat shield to a layer of strong and tight braided fiberglass yarn. A special manufacturing process permits the sleeve to boast a virtually seamless and non fraying construction. This aluminized fiberglass sleeve reflects more than 95% of the radiant energy that hits its surface, keeping the underlying cables, hoses and wires cool.


It offers perfect heat protection for industrial wire, cable, hose which is in the extremely high temperature, eg: the water hose in the engine room.

Technical data:

Outside: Aluminum foil

Inside: Fiberglass sleeving

Working temperature: -50℃~+200℃

Color: Slivery white

Approval: RoHS

Part No.I.D.(d)Flat width(W)Wall thickness (T)Max. bundle dia.Packing (L)
CAFR-01010mm19mm1.0mm11mm50 m/spool
CAFR-01616mm29mm1.0mm17mm50 m/spool
CAFR-02020mm35mm1.0mm21mm50 m/spool
CAFR-02525mm43mm1.0mm26mm50 m/spool
CAFR-03030mm51mm1.0mm31mm50 m/spool
CAFR-03535mm59mm1.0mm36mm50 m/spool
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