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Polyester PET Monofilament

Polyester PET MonofilamentPolyester PET Monofilament

PET (PET Monofilament)

Available also in the flame-retardant version ( PET V0)

Product name:PET monofilament


Melt point:250±10℃

Working temperature:-40℃~+150℃

Breaking strength/elongation at break:Refers to the right table

(Test method: EN ISO 2062)

Resistance to hydrolysis:After being tested in 100℃ boiled 

water for 240H,the product has no sign of embrittlement. 

Dry heat shrinkage ratio:≤8%(180℃/8min)

Color:black;other colors can be customized.

Polyester monofitament is widely used for technical applications from different fields, eg. braided on sanitary draw hose, cold and hot water hose braiding,  filter net, clothing belt, fishing nets, textile sleeve, curtain and carpet.Thanks to its particutar characteristics of low or even no humidity absorption that gives to it a very good dimensional stability, resistance to low and high temperatures, and a good abrasion resistance.

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