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1/4 Inch Cord Protector Self-wrapping Braided Sleeving

1/4 Inch Cord Protector Self-wrapping Braided Sleeving1/4 Inch Cord Protector Self-wrapping Braided Sleeving

1/4 Inch Self Closing Braided Wrap - Black offer a simple and unique solution for bundling and organizing cables in a hassle free, efficient way. Braided wraps feature a self-closing lateral split and semi-rigid braided construction making installation easy and quick, without the need for additional fasteners. Combined with cable glands, braided wraps offer ideal protection by fully enclosing the cables and sealing the enter and exit points. The 25% overlap allow for additional coverage while maintaining flexibility without separating or contorting the braid. 


Its ideal for application in wire harness,home, office settings, automatic equipment, railways, general manufacturing industry where wires and tubes need a tough and durable protection.

Technical data:

Material: Polyester

Operating range: -50 ~+150 °C

Melt point:240± 10°C

Flammability: UL94-V2

Approved: RoHS, Halogen free

Standard colours : Black

Cutting tool: Hot knife Scissors

Part No.Nominal Dia.Max. Bundle Dia.Packingm/spool
SCS-01313.0mm14.0 mm50m
SCS-01616.0mm17.0 mm25m
SCS-01919.0mm20.0 mm25m
SCS-02525.0mm27.0 mm25m
SCS-02929.0mm31.0 mm25m
SCS-03232.0mm34.0 mm25m
SCS-03838.0mm40.0 mm25m



1. Special packing, sizes and colors can be supplied upon request.

2. All numerical data are average or typical values, not including customized sizes.

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