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Chrome Radiator Pipe Sleeve Covers

Chrome Radiator Pipe Sleeve CoversChrome Radiator Pipe Sleeve Covers

JDD chrome radiator pipe sleeve cover is made from durable brilliant white or gloss finished tough plastic to give a perfect finish that will not fade or chip. It provides your pipework a decorative professional white/chrome finish, making them a perfect clean or curved mirror surface effect to radiator feed pipes and other exposed pipe work. As well as providing some protection from hot pipes, special for kids and pets.



Simply cut to required length using household scissors, remember to allow for the depth of the carpet pile. Then open up the pipe sleeve, place around radiator pipe and allow to snap shut. Not need to drain down or disconnect pipework. No painting or mess.

Material: PVC

Inner Diameter: 15mm

Wall thickness: 0.5+/-0.1mm
Working Temperature: -40
Structure: Thermoplastic Self-closing wrap
Color: White / Chrome
Shape: Round 
Usage: Domestic
Length: 202mm or
as your requirement

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