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Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)

MBQGX this kind of electrical insulation sleeving consists of inner extruded silicone rubber tube being vulcanized and outer non-alkali fiberglass braided, then coated with silicone resin. It possesses good abrasion resistance and high breakdown voltage.


It is commonly used for insulation and protection of household electrical appliances, electro-heat devices, special illuminations etc where high working temperature and high voltage are required.

Technical data:

Material: Fiberglass fiber

Coating material: Silicone resin

Working temperature: -60℃~+200℃

Breakdown voltage: 7kv

Flammability: VW-1

Color: White / black

Approval: RoHS,UL

Part No.I.D.(I)ToleranceWall thicknessPacking (L)
MBQGX-1.01+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-1.51.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-2.02+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-2.52.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-3.03+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-3.53.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-4.04+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-4.54.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-5.05+0.3/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-5.55.5+0.3/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-6.06+0.4/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-7.07+0.4/-0.11.15±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-8.08+0.4/-0.11.15±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-9.09+0.4/-0.11.15±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-1010+0.4/-0.11.25±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-1212+0.4/-0.11.50±0.150 m/roll


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