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Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (Inner Silicone and Outer Fiberglass)

JDD-MBQGX this kind of electrical insulation sleeving consists of inner extruded silicone rubber tube being vulcanized and outer non-alkali fiberglass braided, then coated with silicone resin. It possesses good abrasion resistance and high breakdown voltage.


It is commonly used for insulation and protection of household electrical appliances, electro-heat devices, special illuminations etc where high working temperature and high voltage are required.

Technical data:

Material: Fiberglass fiber

Coating material: Silicone resin

Working temperature: -60℃~+200℃

Breakdown voltage: 7kv

Flammability: VW-1

Color: White / black

Approval: RoHS,UL

Part No.I.D.(I)ToleranceWall thicknessPacking (L)
MBQGX-1.01+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-1.51.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-2.02+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-2.52.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-3.03+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-3.53.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-4.04+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-4.54.5+0.3/-0.10.65±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-5.05+0.3/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-5.55.5+0.3/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-6.06+0.4/-0.10.85±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-7.07+0.4/-0.11.15±0.1100 m/roll
MBQGX-8.08+0.4/-0.11.15±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-9.09+0.4/-0.11.15±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-1010+0.4/-0.11.25±0.150 m/roll
MBQGX-1212+0.4/-0.11.50±0.150 m/roll


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