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Copper Foil Shielding Sleeving

Copper Foil Shielding SleevingCopper Foil Shielding Sleeving

JDD-SES copper foil shielding sleeving is woven with copper foil monofilament, it is used in different electrical and industrial fields where are required EMI shielding, excellent protection and lightweight properties. It is lighter and more flexible than tinned cooper braided sleeving , so it can be a perfect combination of economy and durability.


It is widely used for communication system, electronic medical equipments, military equipments as well.

Technical data:

Material: copper filament

Working temperature: -40℃~+150℃

Color: tinned color

Cutting tool: Scissors

Approval: RoHS

Part No.Nominal size (W)Expandable RangPacking (L)
SES-004437300 m/spool
SES-006649200 m/spool
SES-0088612200 m/spool
SES-01010716150 m/spool
SES-01212820100 m/spool
SES-015151023100 m/spool
SES-020201328100 m/spool
SES-025251832100 m/spool
SES-03030204050 m/spool
SES-04040305050 m/spool
SES-05050406050 m/spool

Unit: mm

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