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Zipper Braided Wrap

Zipper Braided WrapZipper Braided Wrap

JDD-ZW could be installing on the cable harness very easily just like to close your coat with the zipper. It can offer an additional protection against flame and abrasion. It allows to install or uninstall wires and cables very quickly and easily due to its special structure.


Most commonly used on wires, wire bundles and harnesses, cable assemblies, flat ribboncable, tubing and hoses to provide a tough, durable protection in home, office, railway.

Technical data:

Material: Polyester

Working temperature: -50℃~+150℃

Melting point: 240±10℃

Flammability: VW-1

Color: Black

Approval: RoHS

Part No.Nominal size (W)Max. bundle dia.(I)Packing (L)
ZW-1212mm8mmOn request


1. Nominal size indicates the flat width , I.D. indicates round inner diameter.

2. The part No. will be followed by BK, WH, GR and so on to indicate the color .

3. Special packages, sizes and colors can be supplied upon request.

4. All numerical data are average value, not including customized sizes.

Zipper Braided Wrap

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