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Hook and Loop Braided Wrap

Hook and Loop Braided WrapHook and Loop Braided Wrap

JDD-VCW hook and loop braided wrap can help to create a tidy and well-regulated environment. It can be re-opened rapidly to manage cables to be added or removed, and breakouts can be made simply by bringing cables out through hook and loop.


Hook and loop braided wrap is widely used for management of A/V cables and power cord in home theater,

computer, TV cabinet and so on.

Technical data:

●Wrap material: Polyester

●Hook and loop material: Polyamide

●Working temperature: -50℃~ +150℃

●Melting point: 240±10℃

●Flammability: UL VW-1

●Color: black, White, grey

●Cutting tool: Hot knife


Part No.Nominal sizehook and loop widthMax. bundle dia.Packing(L)
VCW-01313mm10 mm8 mm25m/spool
VCW-01919 mm10 mm12 mm25m/spool
VCW-03232 mm20 mm20 mm25m/spool
VCW-05151 mm20 mm32 mm25m/spool
VCW-06464 mm20 mm40 mm25m/spool



1. Nominal size indicates the flat width after fold.

2. Special packages, sizes and colors can be supplied upon request.

3. All numerical data are average value, not including customized sizes.

Hook and Loop Braided Wrap

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